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HF-10 Serial Port / USB Logger 4-Channel Voltage monitor

Multi Purpose PIC Controller - as published in RadCom June 2011

PicKit to 'JNT Programming Lead Most projects on this site using PICs make use of a 4 pin in-circuit programming interface. Use this connecting lead to interface to PicKit2 and PicKit3 programmers.

Beacon Keyer Modules small standalone units for personal idents and beacon keyers

Beacon keyer with Audio tone output. This one [KEYER4] generates a pre-programmed CW message that is user-programmable via a COM port interface of either polarity and a chirp waveform for testing and setting up links. An audio tone from a manual key input with one of eight user selectable tones with CW keying shaped using a raised-cosine ramp for a smooth sound and no keyclicks.
An alternative [KEYER3] replaces the user programmed CW message with a repeated three tone sequence as a tuning signal. The manual keying tone is a fixed. The chirp has a wider bandwidth, going from 350 to 2750Hz
AudioKeyerCode.zip Source code for the PIC 12F617 device is included so users can customise their own version

. RTTY Keyboard Adapter small PIC based adapter for using a PC keyboard to generate raw 5V logic level 45 baud RTTY data. Can be used in parallel with the NUE-PSK Modem with a subset of common control codes. Includes a type ahead buffer to allow for fast typists
PCB layouts, circuit diagram and PIC .HEX code. I'm not making the source code availalble, SRI Folks !

DTMF Remote Controller
DTMF Remote control over a telephone line.
This article was first published in Radio Communication in August 2001

NoiseMeter.zip Modern Soundcard Replacement for the G4COM Noise Figure Alignment aid. With software written by G3PLX
NoiseMeter2.zip New version with automatic detection of pulsed waveform using DSP. There is now no need for the connection from the noise generator driver to soundcard input. Read noisemeter.txt contained within the .ZIP for full details

Audio VOX Circuit Simple circuit and PCB layout for controlling Tx/Rx switching for datamode software by detecting the audio drive to tx or upconverter. Avoid complications with COM port interfacing

Evanescent Filters for 3400MHz, 5.76 and 10GHz Easily constructed narrow bandpass filters built using standard size waveguide

50-75MHz Bandpass filter with some interesting characteristics
For a frequency converter feeding a wideband Software Defined Radio like the SDR-IQ

Digital Rotator Display as published in Short Circuits, RadCom, Jan 2009

Microwave Horn Antenna Design an updated version of the software originally written by G8AGN to design horn antennas, including pyramidal, conical and E and H plane sectoral designs. The latest version, HORN2, runs on 32 and 64 bit Windows and includes graphical visualisation and sheet metal cutting templates. The .BAS source code, in PowerBasic CC is included for information

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