HF-10 Serial Port / USB Four-Channel Voltage Logger

The HF-10 is a 4 channel voltage monitor for logging to a Host PC or similar using the serial COM port or a USB interface. For more details see the USER MANUAL
Here's a better copy of the Circuit Diagram than the one in the manual

Click for larger image

Uses could include :

Voltage monitoring, and drift
Battery health and charge discharge characteristics
Signal strength from a receiver S-Meter
Remote monitoring, beacons, repeaters, remote stations
Antenna measurements, pattern plotting
Temperature monitoring and plotting
Logging light levels
Ground resistance changes
Long term power consumption

Buy using Paypal from The JNT Shop (GBP and Euro - includes delivery)

Prices for UK orders are :
45 / 24 for the fully assembled and tested USB and COM port versions respectively
Part kits 24 and 12 respectively.

Part Kits contin the PCB, Programmed 16F819 PIC and 3.2768MHz crystal.
The USB version also contains the FT232RL USB interface chip and a USB-B Socket.
You provide the resistors, capacitors, neither of whaich have particularly critical values, and a few other bits. All may be salvageable from scrap PCBs.

OR... ust the PCB on its own, 7 each (Use with FT232RL, roll your own PIC, etc etc etc...

For bulk orders (such as 3 or more), special discounts are availalble - just ask ac.talbot [at] btinternet [dot] com

The Hardware is set in concrete - the logger software could still be updated or replaced with different functionality.
The PIC is in-circuit programmable, so you can do uprades yourself using a PIC prgrammer like the PicKit 2
Suggestions and enhancements, or ideas for upgrades and other versions are welcome

If you want to play with the code or make your own from scratch, PIC firmware is to be found here
Hex Code and Assembler Code