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Several tested IQ Upconverter designs including one for 145MHz that could form the basis of a microwave transverter driver.
Pointers and suggestions to other ideas...

LF Upconverter for translating soundcard output direct to LF. Includes an all-pass 0/90 degree phasing network for single audio (non I/Q) outputs
Includes an all-pass 0/90 degree phasing network for single audio (non I/Q) outputs

Third-Method LF Upconverter A better design that removes images and carrier out of band products for QRO LF use

ADL5375 400 - 6000MHz Quadrature Upconverter Tests of this versatile UHF to Microwave converter chip.

Single chip dsPIC Audio I/Q G8ASG's single chip dsPIC design supplies I/Q baseband audio as either a Weaver downconverter or for direct upconversion. ZIP file contains circuit diagram, dsPIC source and .HEX code and a PCB layout

1296MHz Experimental beacon With I/Q Upconverter and low frequency DDS with quadrature outputs

Coherent LF Receiver An LF receiver design for LF and MF based around a Finningly Dongle or Softrock type front end. A customised digitiser delivers bandpass sampled data on an RS422 interface. Everything is locked to a 10MHz master input reference for very high stability and absolute frequencyt accuracy

Alcatel 'White Box' modifications for 24GHz

10GHz PLL Low Noise Block phase noise tests on a new generation LNB suited to narrow band modes
First published in Scatterpoint April 2013
Adding an External Reference for higher stability reception

Beacon Keyer Modules, - and now a NEW version with analogue input channel for remote voltage measurements.
Supplied Ready-made, or homebrew your own

RTTY Keyboard Adapter small PIC based adapter for using a PC keyboard to generate raw 5V logic level 45 baud RTTY data. Can be used in parallel with the NUE-PSK Modem with a subset of common control codes. Includes a type ahead buffer to allow for fast typists
PCB layouts, circuit diagram and PIC .HEX code. I'm not making the source code availalble, SRI Folks !

DTMF Remote Controller
DTMF Remote control over a telephone line.
This article was first published in Radio Communication in August 2001

JNT001 Transverter interface for IC202, FT290 or similar. PIN Diode Tx / Rx switching, switched power rails and 21V vsupply for coax relays. This rather ancient design first appeared in 1992

JNT004 1296MHz Transverter ModuleThis was originally published in RadCom June/July 1994

Driving 28V relays from a 12V supply
A pre-charged capacitor in series with the supply gives the relay a pull-in kick. The 12V supply is then enough to hold it on

Latched relay version
You supply the Tx and Rx low level control pulses.

OPA_AllPAss.xls All-Pass network design spreadsheet

144MHz Direct Conversion Receiver
Simple design with I/Q outputs for the RF front end of a sofware defined radio
Also useable stand-alone unit for beacon monitoring and signal measurements .
This article was first published in Radio Communication November 2004

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