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Several tested IQ Upconverter designs including one for 145MHz that could form the basis of a microwave transverter driver.
Pointers and suggestions to other ideas...

LF Upconverter for translating soundcard output direct to LF. Includes an all-pass 0/90 degree phasing network for single audio (non I/Q) outputs
Includes an all-pass 0/90 degree phasing network for single audio (non I/Q) outputs

Third-Method LF Upconverter A better design that removes images and carrier out of band products for QRO LF use

ADL5375 400 - 6000MHz Quadrature Upconverter Tests of this versatile UHF to Microwave converter chip.

Single chip dsPIC Audio I/Q G8ASG's single chip dsPIC design supplies I/Q baseband audio as either a Weaver downconverter or for direct upconversion. ZIP file contains circuit diagram, dsPIC source and .HEX code and a PCB layout

1296MHz Experimental beacon With I/Q Upconverter and low frequency DDS with quadrature outputs

Elad FDM-DUO FDM-DUO_Notes Accessories and information on this modern direct sampling 5 Watt HF transceiver which can also be used extensively at LF and VHF using its low power output port for Tx.
Coherent LF Receiver An LF receiver design for LF and MF based around a Finningly Dongle or Softrock type front end. A customised digitiser delivers bandpass sampled data on an RS422 interface. Everything is locked to a 10MHz master input reference for very high stability and absolute frequencyt accuracy

Alcatel 'White Box' modifications for 24GHz

10GHz PLL Low Noise Block phase noise tests on a new generation LNB suited to narrow band modes
First published in Scatterpoint April 2013
Adding an External Reference for higher stability reception

Beacon Keyer Modules, - and now a NEW version with analogue input channel for remote voltage measurements.
Supplied Ready-made, or homebrew your own

RTTY Keyboard Adapter small PIC based adapter for using a PC keyboard to generate raw 5V logic level 45 baud RTTY data. Can be used in parallel with the NUE-PSK Modem with a subset of common control codes. Includes a type ahead buffer to allow for fast typists
PCB layouts, circuit diagram and PIC .HEX code. I'm not making the source code availalble, SRI Folks !

DTMF Remote Controller
DTMF Remote control over a telephone line.
This article was first published in Radio Communication in August 2001

JNT001 Transverter interface for IC202, FT290 or similar. PIN Diode Tx / Rx switching, switched power rails and 21V vsupply for coax relays. This rather ancient design first appeared in 1992

JNT004 1296MHz Transverter ModuleThis was originally published in RadCom June/July 1994

Transverter Head Unit Control & Switching Module Sequencer, 28V supply for relays, Protected +/- supplies for LNAs

OPA_AllPAss.xls All-Pass network design spreadsheet

144MHz Direct Conversion Receiver
Simple design with I/Q outputs for the RF front end of a sofware defined radio
Also useable stand-alone unit for beacon monitoring and signal measurements .
This article was first published in Radio Communication November 2004

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