The JNT004 1296 Transverter Module>

This was a low power module for 144-1296 conversion (although it could be adapted for other frequencies) and was primarily intended as an intermediate stage for driving higher frequency transverters needing a high IF. It included a full transverter interface for low power transceivers such as the IC202 and FT290, and gave Tx/Rx switched DC power for additional stages.
The module was sold as a kit by the old Microwave Components Service run by Charlie and Petra Suckling, G3WDG/G4KGC back in the early 1990's, and was published in RadCom in June / July 1997.
As far as I recall, approaching a hundred kits were sold and they are still out there, sometimes turning up from time to time on the surplus market.

I no longer have the original documentation other than the text and a circuit diagram (and the were all in obsolete graphic formats anyway), but Geoff PIke GI0GDP kindly scanned in the original RadCom pages and they are available as individual .JPG files below.

Original Text and circuit diagram

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