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Click for full details Click for full details Beacon Keyer Modules, fully built - quantity discounts available
Keyer Version
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Four Channel data Logger.

User manual

Available either as a fully assembled module
or as a Part kit containing PCB, Programmed 16F819 PIC, Crystal, and MAX6004 Vref chip
The USB version also has the FT232RL chip and USB-B socket.
You supply R's C's header pins etc.

Note for the USB version you will need to install FTDI drivers available from www.ftdichip.com See the manual for more details

Keyer Version

Click for full size image LTC6946 Synthesizer PCBs, - quantity discounts available, contact for details
Self contained Integer-N synthesizer module covering 370MHz to 6GHz (depending on chip variant selected) PIC controller on board allows control over RS232 serial interface using ASCIi text based commands.
Full details LTC6946_Synth_Module.pdf


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Click for full details PCB for 12F629 RS232 Interface.  (PCB Size 26 x 14mm) LMX2541 FractN Synthesizer PCBs, Full Details
with PCB for RS232 control

The Synthesizer can also be controlled using a rotary encoder / LCD.
See PCBs for Controller / LCD below


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