UWBCNMON User Screen DSP Software , Soundcard and .WAV file manipulation, Signal measurement.

SDR Tx Software
Software Defined Radio Transmitter Software, written by Peter Martinez, G3PLX. Takes microphone input and generates the I/Q output drive for a quadrature upconverter forming the heart of an SDR Transmitter.
The software offers : One or two soundcard operation, Tuning / CW tone output, automatic microphone gain adjustment, LSB/USB/AM/FM modes, amplitude and phase balance.

Vector Scope An old Vectorscope programme writen by G3PLX.
Compares soundcard input against a user-specified tone frequency and plots the result on an X-Y display. See VSCOPE.TXT contained within teh archive for full details

SNDemo.exe Test your ability to detect CW or a tone in noise. Choose tone frequency S/N ratio, CW message / speed and output filtering

Automatic signal detection and S/N measurement. Algorithms to automatically and reliably detect signals buried in noise, while minimising the false alarms for auto detect systems Modern Soundcard Replacement for the G4COM Noise Figure Alignment aid. With software written by G3PLX New version with automatic detection of pulsed waveform using DSP. There is now no need for the connection from the noise generator driver to soundcard input. Read noisemeter.txt contained within the .ZIP for full details

WSJT Logger Produces a log file of all WSJT Decodes, use for JT4 / JT65 beacon monitoring.
Install in the same directory as WSJT.EXE. The software works by looking for updates to the ALL.TXT file, extracting new data to the log file
Download the latest version of G3PLX SDR Transmitter software

RF Design Software

PIC Projects and Code --------- Read First before downloading and using PIC code

DFCW keying for weak signal microwave working

New File Encryption Software for Windows Simple, straightforward and strong protection for critical files against unauthorised access using a well known, proven symmetric algorithm

OPA_AllPAss.xls All-Pass network design spreadsheet

LMXFilter.xls PLL Filter design for National LMX Series Synthesizer Chip

SITES.DAT - - Site database - keep up to date.
NEW Distance and Bearing calculator for Windows and now has Postcode lookup

Position Reporting using WSJT Modes Using Weak signal modes to transmit high resolution positional data. Lat/long from GPS data is compressed into a WSJT compatible message and sent using JT4 or JT9 modulation.
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PRIMEs A list of exactly 0% of all the prime numbers in existence

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All software is provided free for you to download for personal use.
But writing it is very time consuming, especially as I sometimes get requests for customised code which are usually honoured

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