Soundcard and Audio Processing Software

UWBCNMON.ZIP - Complete installation archive and VB runtime libraries
UWBCNMON.EXE - Stand Alone programme
Beacon Monitoring , Signal detection and carrier tracking, S/N measurement and logging
UWBCNMON User Screen. Click to enlarge
The VB6 distribution archive for the programme is contained in the .ZIP file which has all the VB run libraries and setup for most of the other .EXE files in this archive.
The .EXE version can be used on its own if you already have VB installed
A description of the software can be found in UWBCNMON.PDF
VB6 Source code for both earlier and later versions.

Make sure the included BCNLOG.INI file is in the same directory as the .EXE
If this file is not present, the programme will crash at startup - Complete installation archive and VB runtime libraries
SignalToNoiseMon.exe - Stand Alone programme
Signal to Noise measurement. Similar ti UWBCNMON, except S/N measurement is more precise, shows results normalised to 2500Hz and doesn't include any logging. Easier to use than UWBCNMON for real time measurement

PLAYSNDCRD.ZIP Simple audio spectrum analyser and waterfall display with control over processing facilities not seen in other similar programmes. All VB6 source code included with the executable. Needs VB run libraries (download UWBCNMON.ZIP for these)

SignalMeasure.exe User Screen. Click to enlarge SignalMeasure.exe Signal measurement using the soundcard. Uses include gain / attenuation measurement, noise figure (using a calibrated noise head), sun and moon noise, cold sky/ground etc. S/N measurements.
Adjustable interval and averaging times
The latest version has selectable left and right stereo channels, so can be used for setting up IQ SDRs and cases where the two stereo channels are used for different things - like noise a figure meter
VB6 Source code can be found in
Needs VB run-libraries (download UWBCNMON.ZIP if not already installed)

Vector Scope An old Vectorscope programme writen by G3PLX.
Compares soundcard input against a user-specified tone frequency and plots the result on an X-Y display. See VSCOPE.TXT contained within the archive for full details

SNDemo.exe Test your ability to detect CW or a tone in noise. Choose tone frequency S/N ratio, CW message / speed and output filtering

WAVDSP.ZIP A number of stand-alone utilities for analysing .WAV files, upconverting and combining several into one wide band stereo I/Q file. Utilites also allow .wav files to be generated with various modulation formats, such as BPSK31, FSK, parallel tones and chirps. These have been written over the last few years for my own interest and for particular one-off tasks.

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