Power Amps and Transmitters

700W Switch Mode Tx for 137kHz  Click to enlarge Medium Power (~ 40W) Linear amplifier for LF/MF.
Simple design running from 26V supply using surplus FETs and ferrites.

700 Watt Switch Mode Transmitter for 137kHz
High efficiency LF transmitter design running direct from rectified mains supply.
Reproduced with permission. Copyright ARRL 2002, all rights reserved.
This material originally appeared in QEX: Forum for Communications Experimenters www.arrl.org/qex

Class E Tx Switching Waveform

1.8MHz class-C Power Amplifier with a few quirks.
Single IRF540 Mosfet design running from 12V. Delivers more power, more efficiently, than the design suggests it should.

Breadboard 400 Watt plus Class E Transmitter for 500kHz,
Low cost, high efficiency, running from 50 Volt rail

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