Useful Links

G4GUO HF Digital Experiments
TAPR - Advancing the Art of Amateur Radio
QEX - A Forum for Communications Experimenters
UK Microwaves 3400 MHz activity
PC Hell stacks of useful info to get you out of trouble with PCs Some Good Tutorials in Communications Enginering
Phil Karn, KA9Q - Data Comms, Signal Processing, etc etc..
Dave Robinson G4FRE / WW2R
W1GHZ Small Projects
G8BKE Home page, microwave projects
The CORDIC Algorithm - Calculating trig functions in hardware implementations.
Netcalc Novel complex impedance calculator by GM3SEK
Fundamentals of Digital Quadrature Modulation A good intro article, originally published in 'RF Design'

GPS C/A Code Signal Structure
5MHz Beacon Monitoring automatic monitoring software for GB3RAL/WES/ORK and GB3SSS
WSJT Home Page WSJT, JT65, FSK441... etc
HamInfoBar - "Free Ham Radio and SWL Toolbar" Fantastic range of RF and microwave products In italian, but a translation page is provided
RF Parts Co Supplier of RF power transistors and components
Maker active, open source platform for maker projects much like Hack A Day. These projects are centered around Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, home automation and more.
Minicircuits - RF, IF & Microwave Components DC - 20GHz Semiconductor Datasheets - Large collection of pinouts and connections covering all manner of useful items.
Surface Mount Markings
RF Cafe - An extensive resource for RF, wireless, and all aspects of science and engineering.
BBC White papers - BBC Engineering, open publications
Brad's Radio Pages - heaps of info on SDRs, A/D Converters and modern radio performance.

UHF-Satcom Hoovering the Ether from VHF to EHF
Security, Encryption, Crackers Software / Downloads
Bruce Schneier - Security Guru, some good Blogs
CryptoGram Newsletter Thought-Provoking insights on security and encryption
Handbook of Applied Cryptography Free downloadable chapters Hmm... Interesting
Remote Control Projects Includes data on some obscure remote control chips
Weird Clock

Dilbert and The Knack (MPEG Video, 2.6meg)
The Dilbert Zone - Could he be describing your workplace?
Zen and the Art of Amateur Radio - GW0ETF
Discussing the future of ham radio by Volker Grassmann, DF5AI

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