RDDS PIC Ordering

First of all :

I need the parameters for customising and programming your version of the JT4 Generator.

To see what is required, please read the Documentation and other Information carefully as any mistakes made inspecifications or programming will likely mean ICs flying between us with the postage charges ramping-up

Then supply your precise frequencies for each of the keyed tones, RF carrier and multiplication factors, GPS interfacing details and other data, preferably using this Excel spreadsheet which does some limited error checking on your entered details Change only the fields shown in Blue text.
If an input field contain a valid value, 'ok' will show to the left of it, otherwise '!!!' will appear

Prices :

Single 16F628 PIC Customised to your requirements as above -- 12, or 15 Euro, or $20 (USD)
Two or more (with the same or different information in each) -- 11, or 13 Euro, or $18 (USD) each

Payment can be via Paypal to ac.talbot [at] btinternet.com or by other means.
(and cash at rallies is perfectly acceptable :-)