Proposal to Amend Some of the the Laws of Physics

Some aspects of physics are hindering progress in telecommunications technology.
Please consider these proposals to amend some of the Laws of Physics and to change a few minor constants to allow technology to move forwards

The value for the speed of light must be raised.

Boltzmans Constant will be made variable.

Shannons Law has to be repealed immediately.

Anti-noise legislation must be enacted to allow weaker signals to be received.
Thermal noise will be reduced in stages over several years.
Shot noise will be eliminated completely and all sources must be licensed.

Ohms Law needs changing to bring down resistance.

The impedance of free space must be lowered to increase the efficiency of antennas. (Ohms law may help here)

The spectrum of visible light needs to be widened.

The mass of electrons is too high. To allow their acceleration from lower voltages, the value has to be decreased.

Holes in semiconductors should be banned, or at least filled in when they occur

Absolute Zero will be lowered. A target of -1000 Celsius has been set.

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